10 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers


Do you want the experience of going to film school, without having to spend tons of money on tuition? If so, you should subscribe to these YouTube channels. They are absolutely free to all veteran and newbie film makers.

It is never a good idea to just go out and start developing a film without educating yourself first. One great way to do this is to watch YouTube tutorials about the craft. You will find some fantastic resources on these 9 YouTube channels ranging from pre-production to exporting. Your filmmaking skills will drastically increase over a short period of time. If you have information about other channels, please feel free to share them, by leaving a comment below. Start improving your skills today, by subscribing to all of these YouTube channels, because they will help any and all filmmakers.

1: Film Riot

It does not take much for someone to fall in love with Film Riot. The perfect mixture of comedy and informative data is what makes Film Riot the best filmmaking channel of all times. This YouTube channel offers a tutorial like no other, since it provides the viewer with many tips and tricks on filmmaking. Ryan Connolly, who is the host of Film Riot, just happens to be a great filmmaker that has a reputable track record. You can rest assured that you will receive credible data from this channel.

2: Filmmaker IQ

What makes Filmmaker IQ stand out above the rest is the fact that they teach filmmakers how to learn the craft of filmmaking on a fundamental level. This YouTube channel combines film techniques and the history of film to create a fundamental context. Not only will the filmmaker learn the appropriate techniques on recording sound, but they will also learn all aspects of sound wave functionality. The way the sound waves hit a microphone is also a very important aspect of filmmaking education. If you are ready to discover the world of filmmaking, you should check out Filmmaker IQ, today.


3: Dave Dugdale

Does your curiosity get the best of you, when it comes to filmmaking? If so, you will find Dave Dugdale’s YouTube channel suitable to your liking. Dave approaches the filmmaking education with a different attitude than most. He shares his views and experiences of all filmmaking equipment and software in a very humble way. He makes many comparisons and tests, which his shares with the viewer and this is what sets his channel apart from others.


4: Neumann Films

This YouTube channel is recognized for its ability to create quality fantastic cinematic image. Neumann Films takes the time to explain to the viewer how they are capable of getting incredible cinematic shots and effects. It also focuses on frame rates and color grading, so if you are interested in high-quality filmmaking, you should check out Neumann Films. It is important to note that some of these videos are paid content, but they are worth every cent.

5: Tom Antos 

Tom Antos YouTube page is definitely a difficult one to figure out, especially its main central theme, but one thing is for sure it offers many helpful tutorials. Crafting your skills as a filmmaker is never an easy task, but with Tom Antos’ tips and tricks, you will discover your artistic side extremely quickly. Tom elects to mix his own films into these videos, so be sure to check them out today.

6: Indy Mogul (RIP)

Although the Indie Mogul YouTube channel faced financial difficulties, it still offers over 1,200 fantastic tutorials. If you are interested in learning from the best, you should definitely take the time to view Indie Mogul’s videos.

7: Philip Bloom

If you are an avid filmmaker, you most likely have heard of Philip Bloom, because he just happens to be the biggest celebrity indie filmmaker. Philip’s YouTube channel has earned some killer reviews, which are linked to his cinematic quality videos. He uses a sense of style that is not often seen in filmmaking, plus he offers innumerable tutorials that are very helpful for the veteran and newbie filmmaker. Philip Bloom prefers to travel around the world searching for the perfect setting, prop, and adventure. His YouTube channel is an inspiration to everyone.


8: Every Frame a Painting

While many avid movie watchers will consider Hollywood dead, as far as creativity goes, your mind will be changed, if you take the time to watch Every Frame a Painting video. It is important to take a deeper look into each shot, because it holds an entirely different meaning than one would first expect. Every Frame a Painting helps all filmmakers discover filmmaking as an art form.

9: Casey Neistat

Sometimes becoming a better film-maker isn’t about studying the practice of making a great film or getting involved in the community, but rather watching great content. Casey Neistat is a YouTube star/self taught film-maker who is often praised as one of the most successful of his time (as far as self-made content goes). To call Casey Neistat an indie film-maker is a stretch, considering the fact that he practically makes all of his videos himself.  If you’re not learning about camera gear or studying how to shoot the perfect video, consider paying Casey’s channel a visit to get a great visual idea of how it should be done.

10: EditorsDepot (Shameless Plug)


EditorsDepot is the biggest video animation, stock footage and video template marketplace in the world, but we also have a YouTube channel that focuses on many different video-creation topics. If you’ve never heard of EditorsDepot before today, you should definitely check out our YouTube channel, because it covers vast topics, from after effects to cinematography.


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