Guide To Making A Demo Reel Without Any Experience


There are many aspiring filmmakers that are interested in finding work. Unfortunately, it can be frightening to produce a demo reel, without any real experience at least. It is even possible to put together a demo reel, without having anything to add? The answer is yes, but you will need to use your creativity to the fullest! You’ll want to guarantee that the finished product will show off exactly who you are as an artist. You’ll also need to coax the employer into realizing that you’re the best fit the job. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know.


Show-off your filming experience

Remember that the purpose of the demo reel is to introduce your self to the employer. As a whole, it’ll represent your business card and will replace your initial interview. As a student, it is impossible to send a resume along, so you’ll need to create a more impressive reel. Therefore, you should take a unique approach to the project. Imagine that you’re working on a professional project and will be paid, if you performance exceptionally well.

Whether you’re filmmaker or lighter, you should use your demo reel to show off your abilities. Show off your expertise in the best light possible. Make sure that you make yourself look like the best of the best in your specific area of expertise. Remember to avoid shortcuts and do your best to strive for betterment each and every step of the way.


Progressively Improve Your Filming Skills

Remember that being an artist requires dedication, hard work and patience. In order to excel in your field, you will need to continue working for years and years. Whenever you get the opportunity to test your abilities, you should take it! Although it is imperative to be able to spread your wings and take on different roles, you should do yourself to remain loyal to your prized area, whether it is animating, modeling or editing.

Spend as much time as possible working on your area of expertise. This will be your lifeline and sole responsibility in the future, but don’t be afraid to experiment and help out in other areas. Once you’re demo reel is beautiful, professional and impressive, you will be well on your way to claiming your first professional job! From there, it is all about shopping around and finding the gigs that best suit your desires!

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Join Group film Projects

As a student, you’ve likely come across a collection of group projects. If you strayed from these activities in the past, it is now time to get involved. By working together with a small group of students, you will be able to incorporate the short film into your reel. If you’re striving to become an animator, you should attempt to collude with riggers and modelers. This will give you the ability to dedicate the entirety of your time and energy to animating. This will give you the ability to skip through the unnecessary hassles of modeling and rigging.

Instead, you’ll be able to work more diligently on the things that really matter. This will help you improve your ability, enhance your skills and improve your demo reel.


Work with film studios online

In the past 10 years or so, the Internet and specifically Cloud-based technology have changed everything. As a student, this can be tremendously beneficial. By heading online and seeking out studios that need a freelance artist, you might be able to offer up your skills and work offsite. This will give you the ability to work on a professional project, without paying expensive traveling fees and while still attending classes.

Before agreeing to partake in this type of project, you should make sure that you’re up for the task. Be sure that you’ll have the time and energy to dedicate to the cause. If you manage to pull it off successfully, you will now have a valuable bit of work experience to add to your demo reel and resume!


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