Frequently asked questions

  • How do I download templates?

    Register, Its free and simple! Once registered, click "Download".
    NOTE: If having difficulities, please enable javascript in your browser.

  • I still can't download the templates

    Please enable javascript in your browser. If you continue having problems please contact our support department

  • Can you upload my template or footage?

    We would love to! Please submit it HERE.

  • Do I have to give credit?

    No you don't, but we would love it if you did! :-)

  • Can you make them for me?

    Yes, however there is a $5 service fee due to volume of requests, click here to continue!

  • How can I download premium templates for free?

    Our YouTube partners have exclusive benefits, some are:
    Premium inventory is 100% free
    We make any template for you, simply ask our support team

  • What does the EditorsDepot YouTube partnership offer me?

    There are an unbelievable amount of benefits that are available to our partners, click here to find out more!

  • How can I contact support?

    Simply submit a support ticket here and receive a responce via email.
    EditorsDepot YouTube partners have live support open full time.

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