Pale Turquoise Gray Retro Background Loop


This free motion background features gray lines morphing over a mint green/pale turquoise background. The pastel colors give it somewhat of a retro vibe. The animation is designed to loop seamlessly so you can make it however long you need it to be for your project. zFootage was created for the sole purpose of sharing free stock footage and free motion backgrounds. All of our videos are free for both personal and commercial use. All that we ask is that you use the videos as part of a project rather than re-uploading them as-is or repackaging, uploading or selling them as stock footage. Our hope is that you’ll use your creativity to turn them into something wonderful instead! The videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: Technically, that means that you should attribute them to us if you use them in your projects. However, we are pretty easy-going about the whole attribution thing. If you don’t want to clutter up your project with a note about where you got the footage, we totally understand. Our philosophy with these videos is that attribution is appreciated, but not required. If you do decide to attribute them, you can attribute them to zFootage with a link to our website ( or to our Youtube channel Thanks!

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